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Rock Band

The Music Studio Atlanta is offering an all-new Rock Band experience! Students can apply with their own Rock Band OR get matched with like-minded students who are looking for other musicians to jam with. Together, they will receive eight (8) 1-hour lessons of professional music coaching to work up their favorite tunes and take the stage at Open Mics or Recitals.

* Students must already take individual lessons at an intermediate or advanced level on their instrument in order to be accepted. If your student is ready for the full Rock Band Group Lessons, call now to book them the real deal!


Bring your favorite music to life! Get the full Rock Band experience by joining with guitar, drums, piano, voice and more!

Photo of a young teenage girl singing on stage at a recital.
Photo of a male student playing bass guitar during a performance.

Picture yourself rocking out on guitar, pounding the drums, or belting out your favorite tunes with a talented group of musicians. Our Rock Band experience is not just about learning to play instruments; it's about creating unforgettable musical moments and lifelong friendships.

From guitar riffs to powerful vocals and rhythmic drumming, our program is designed to transform your musical aspirations into reality. Enroll now and let the music take you on an incredible journey!

Image of a girl playing an electric drum set at a performance.

Elevate Your Music Journey with Rock Band Group Lessons!

Uniting guitarists, drummers, pianists, vocalists, and more, our program transforms individual talents that rocks the stage together. Whether you're a musician with some experience looking to collaborate or someone eager to explore the world of live music, our hour-long, group Rock Band classes will have you ready to rock out at Open Mics or Recitals.

Accepting ALL ages! To be a part of this amazing experience, apply now and take your musical aspirations to the next level! Don't miss your chance to join the band and make music history.