Summer Camps

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Experience the world of music in our 2024 Summer Music Camps, blending fun activities with educational experiences in a friendly environment. Our skilled instructors welcome students of all skill levels to a variety of programs.

Discover group performance at the Rock Band Summer Camp, explore songwriting at the Songwriting Summer Camp, and showcase vocal talents at the Vocal Showcase. For those interested in production, the Recording & Producing Summer Camp with GarageBand is ideal. Guitar and Vocal Camp caters to string and voice enthusiasts, while Music Around the World offers a global perspective. And don't miss the unique Spaceship Music Camp, among other exciting options. Find your musical passion this summer at a camp near you!

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Chamber Ensemble

We offer a unique opportunity with our Chamber Ensemble Coaching Lessons, a rare find in the music education landscape! Tailored for student musicians gearing up for events like the Solo & Ensemble Festival, this program offers eight specialized lessons. Participants will receive dedicated performance guidance from our expertly trained instructors, focusing on Classical-style chamber music.

To qualify, students should either be enrolled in intermediate or advanced individual lessons on their instrument at our studio, or be receiving similar-level instruction at their school. This program is designed for those wanting to enhance their small ensemble performance skills.

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Rock Band

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Bringing together guitarists, drummers, pianists, vocalists, and other musicians, our program combines individual skills into a dynamic group performance experience. Perfect for musicians with a bit of experience who want to collaborate, or for those interested in performing live music, our hour-long, group Rock Band classes get you ready to perform at our Open Mics and Recitals.

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Vocal Ensemble

Our Vocal Ensemble group class is an inviting space for students eager to combine their love of singing with the joy of group performance. Participants will not only learn proper singing techniques and basic sight-reading skills but will also experience the unique excitement of harmonizing and singing together as a cohesive group.

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