Part 5: Lesson Environment: In-Home or In-Studio Lessons?

Anne Beck
November 1, 2022
Female music teacher playing acoustic guitar with her young teenage girl student also playing acoustic guitar during holiday recitals

Where do you want to have your music lessons?

If you have been following this series so far, by now you may be close to knowing what instrument and style of music you want to learn. You may also have an idea of the time commitment you are able to make to music lessons and practice. This means you are getting to the fun part — where you get to start playing for real! The question you want to answer now is: Where do you want to take music lessons: in your home? or in a music studio? There are so many benefits to both, but what works best for you?

Why does the environment matter?

We would all agree that the environment where our children attend school makes a difference in their ability to learn, and that the culture of the places where we work probably affects our job performance. In the same way, the environment matters for students taking music lessons, and can have significant positive or negative effects on their progress.

For instance, a place with a lot of distractions or activities going on in the background might cause students to have trouble focusing on lessons. Negative or anxious energy might also hinder their motivation to practice and be attentive. By contrast, a quiet, calm and positive environment will help students to pay attention, focus better, and learn faster. With this in mind, let’s consider the pros and cons of two popular places to take music lessons: in a music studio or in your home.

In-Studio Lessons

Lessons in a music studio take place in a space dedicated to music. Both you and the teacher travel to the studio each week for your lesson. On average, in-studio lessons are 30 minutes long, plus whatever travel time is required for your commute. 

The Benefits of In-Studio Lessons

There are some significant advantages to taking lessons in a studio that make this option a preference for some families. 

  1. Lessons in a studio are usually more affordable. Since studio lessons are usually shorter and the teacher does not have to travel between different students’ homes, most studios charge a lower rate than in-home options.
  2. The music studio provides a space dedicated to music lessons, and its environment is likely to be calm and uplifting. This minimizes distractions and can help students focus better on learning. 
  3. Students can take lessons in multiple instruments easily, even with different teachers. Since teachers of many different instruments come to teach in a studio, it is easier to have lessons in several different instruments on the same day. 
  4. If you have several family members taking music lessons, you can save time by having all of them take lessons in the same time slot, with different teachers. This is a unique benefit of in-studio lessons. 

The Drawbacks of In-Studio Lessons

Here are a few of the possible disadvantages of in-studio lessons that you may also want to consider:

  1. You will spend additional time traveling to and from lessons. This means extra driving and accounting for traffic and the time it takes to commute to and from the music studio each week. However, if you live close to a music studio, this might not be a concern for you. 
  2. Students will have different environments for lessons and practice. While for some families this might be an advantage, for others this back-and-forth might be challenging. For piano students, it is also worth considering that they will have to play a different instrument in the studio than they do at home, which may minorly affect their performance. 
  3. In-studio lessons may be less convenient for busy parents, since parents will also have to consider the time they spend waiting during their children’s lessons. 

In-Home Lessons

In-home music lessons take place in whatever space in your home you choose to dedicate to it. In-home lessons are usually 45 minutes long, and the teacher comes to you.

The Benefits of In-Home Lessons

In-home lessons have some special advantages that for some families might even influence their ability to take music lessons or not. Here are some of the most significant:

  1. In-home lessons are the ultimate convenience, especially for busy parents. There is no need to travel anywhere, and parents can get other things done around the house while their child is occupied. 
  2. Lessons and practice take place in the same consistent environment. For piano students, this means they learn during their lessons on the same instrument they use to practice during the week. In general, it can mean having lessons in an environment students are comfortable with, which can be helpful for very young children or students with more introverted personalities. 
  3. In-home lessons are longer than in-studio lessons, so students can learn more in a single lesson, which may result in faster progress. 
  4. Parents are likely to have more frequent contact with the teacher. Since the teacher comes to you, it is much easier to stay in touch with them and know how your child is progressing.

The Drawbacks of In-Home Lessons

Here are a few of the possible disadvantages of in-home lessons to know about:

  1. In-home lessons cost more. Since lessons are longer and the teacher comes to you, most companies and teachers charge a higher rate for in-home lessons. 
  2. It can be harder if you want to take lessons in more than one instrument. Unless you can find an instructor who teaches multiple instruments, you might have to take lessons in different instruments on separate days. 
  3. Possible distractions from other things going on in the home might affect a student’s focus. 

What are your priorities? Choose the lesson environment that works best for you.

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of in-studio lessons vs. in-home lessons, and noting your family’s needs, what option is better for you? Perhaps the convenience of in-home lessons is a priority for you. Perhaps maintaining a consistent lesson and practice environment at home helps your child focus and practice better. 

Or perhaps you have a small home and many distracting activities going on, and you know your child will learn better in a space dedicated solely to music lessons. Maybe the affordability of in-studio lessons is more of a priority for you, or perhaps you want to learn multiple instruments or have several children take lessons at the same time. 

What does your family need? We offer options! If you think that lessons in a studio would suit you best, check out The Music Studio Atlanta; we now offer lessons in two lovely locations and will help you get started! If you want the convenience of having music lessons in your home, contact Courtnay and Rowe Music Academy; we have many awesome teachers who will come to you!

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Anne Beck
November 1, 2022