Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-13T14:25:05-05:00
What age do you recommend that children begin private weekly lessons?2020-12-05T22:27:37-05:00

Most children are ready for private weekly lessons after age 5, but they’re never too young for group lessons. We offer Ms. Jennifer’s Music Together for infants through 4 years, and children ages 4 and 5 love our Intro to Music. Early learning creates an amazing foundation for your little ones and sets them up for success when they’re old enough for weekly private lessons.

Do you teach adults as well as children?2020-12-05T22:28:02-05:00

We do and have a wonderful adult community here! We offer multiple group and individual performance opportunities for our adult students.

How long are lessons?2021-02-26T20:39:15-05:00

Private lessons typically are 30 minutes for the beginner student and one hour for a more serious student or two instruments. All lessons are at the same time and day every week to ensure continuity.

What is the cost of tuition?2020-12-05T22:28:49-05:00

A 30 minute lesson starts at basically $35/lesson ($140 per month). A $50 family registration fee covers all immediate family members. If you are a homeschooler or adult, we have special “non-prime time” discounted pricing, please see below.

Do you have a discounted rate for homeschoolers and adults?2020-12-05T22:29:15-05:00

Yes! Between the hours of 10A-2P Monday through Friday, we are happy to offer a discounted rate of $100/month.

Do you offer sibling discounts?2020-12-05T22:29:43-05:00

Our sibling discount is that only one family registration is required for any number of children, rather than an individual registration fee for each.

Do I need to purchase an instrument before my first lesson?2020-12-05T22:30:11-05:00

We have instruments available for you to try initially to get a feel for what you might like. Once you’ve decided on an instrument, we recommend visiting our good friends at Sam Ash on Cobb Parkway. We have a longstanding relationship with them – be sure to mention that you’re a student with us to receive a special discount.

Are there any additional costs associated with lessons?2020-12-05T22:30:42-05:00

Other than purchasing (or renting) your instrument and any related supplies, the additional costs are minimal! Age/level appropriate books are available for purchase at your first lesson, and your teacher might periodically encourage additional books or curriculum. Our open-mic nights, bi-annual recitals, client appreciation day, free picture day and more are all included in your tuition and are free of charge to you!

What performance opportunities are available to students?2020-12-05T22:31:13-05:00

We are thrilled to offer multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. We host Summer and Winter recitals, join RevFest Music festival twice yearly as well as other events and festivals, and also offer additional opportunities for Open Mic nights every other month at our favorite neighborhood pizza spot, St. Angelo’s Pizza!

What happens if a lesson is missed?2020-12-05T22:31:37-05:00

We are delighted to offer two options for makeup lessons:  our fun group makeups or an instructor guided practice hour – whichever you prefer. We hold many of these each month, so you can find a time that fits in your schedule, and they never expire as long as you are a student! Everyone can benefit from playing in a group and practicing with an instructor present and we are happy to offer these two solutions so you never have to worry about missing a lesson.

How do you select your teachers?2020-12-05T22:32:03-05:00

We hand-select each one of our talented teachers, and they all undergo a rigorous background check including references. Our hiring process includes auditioning for our Teacher Coordinator as well as multiple rounds of interviews with our directors and staff. We pride ourselves on our diverse collection of multi-talented teachers who come from various backgrounds … we’re sure to have the perfect teacher for you!

What if my teacher isn’t the right fit?2020-12-05T22:32:30-05:00

Not to worry! We understand that sometimes personalities, teaching styles, etc. may not match up and that’s okay. We are happy to accommodate your needs and find you the BEST teacher to guide you on your musical journey.

What if I want to change instruments?2020-12-05T22:32:59-05:00

No problem at all! Many of our teachers play multiple instruments, so it’s even possible that you may be able to continue lessons with the same teacher.

How are lessons billed?2020-12-05T22:33:21-05:00

We bill monthly on the 1st of each month via credit card authorization. We must have a valid card on file for your account for this automatic tuition charge. For safety, we do not accept cash.

Do you offer an online portal for communication and account information?2020-12-05T22:33:47-05:00

We have a convenient online portal located in the top right corner of this page under “Parents”. Your client portal is your main point of communication to the Music Studio as well as a hub for all your account information.  We also utilize Google Docs and provide a special document that you and your teacher can share links, assignments, questions and more.

What if my bill is incorrect or I have an issue with my credit card?2020-12-05T22:34:13-05:00

No problem at all! Please contact the front desk with any billing inquiries or with updated credit card information – 404-351-9722.

Are there contracts for monthly lessons?2020-12-05T22:34:34-05:00

We do not require contracts of any kind. However, if you would like to stop lessons we simply require that you fill out a withdrawal form by the 15th of the last month that you would like to take lessons. For example, if you wanted to stop lessons as of September 30th, we would need your withdrawal form by September 15th.

Do you offer in-home lessons?2020-12-05T22:37:19-05:00

Yes! Our sister company Courtnay and Rowe has been going strong for over 30 years, offering a premier in-home concierge service for your continuing music education – right in the comfort of your own home! Are you interested in in-home lessons? Get in touch here:

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