Hananiah Wilson

Music Teacher

Hana has breathed music since she was a child.

She started playing her family's old wooden piano, which apparently used to live in a bar, and once a bullet fell out of it during a move! Playing this broken yet beautiful piano sparked a love for making music and creating new songs.

Music became a constant in her life, helping her process the victories and struggles of growing up. She dove deeper into singing and songwriting and expanded into learning other instruments.

She fell in love with classically-inspired alternative music, incorporating the dichotomy of beautiful fluidity and raw adrenaline.

Now, in addition to teaching, she makes music by serving on her church’s worship team, collaborating with an Italian progressive metal band, and writing her own first EP.

As the oldest of 6, she enjoys talking with children and encouraging their curiosity. She is honored to share the love and knowledge of music with the next generation of musicians!


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