Please initial below in each area requested that you have read and understand our policies and procedures and then click submit at the bottom of the form. Music lessons will not begin/resume until Policies are submitted.

Our Lessons Are Year Round

The Music Studio at Vinings operates year round. We realize that some of you will go on vacation from time to time.  We offer a robust make-up schedule so you can make up any missed lessons!

All Holiday closings for the Music Studio at Vinings are listed on the current calendar.  We also send out email and text reminders for your convenience. The Music Studio at Vinings does not have a Spring Break.  If you choose to miss your lesson over Spring Break week, you are welcome to attend one of our terrific Makeup Classes.


The Client Portal, Email, and Text are our main sources of communication to our clients.  All billing receipts, important notifications concerning lessons and closures, recital information etc. will be sent to your email.    We will not be held responsible for missed communication – please add us to your address book If you are not receiving emails from us – please mention to the front desk!


A registration fee of $50 per family will be due with the first tuition payment. This fee includes student processing, a notebook, assignment book, accessories and tote bag.  The registration fee does NOT INCLUDE any lesson books or the occasional supplemental (holiday) books the student needs for lessons. Lesson books, sheet music, or supplemental books are charged separately and will show up as separate entries on your ledger.

All standard lessons will be $140/month. We charge a flat monthly fee for all lessons. For our discount time of 10AM – 2PM Mon-Fri the charge is $100/month.  Tuition is not calculated by the weekly lesson, but split up in monthly payments according to the yearly calendar.  Your monthly tuition rate is the same each month even though some months may have more or less weeks.  Holiday closures have been calculated in the monthly tuition rate.  All payments are processed ONLY by pre-authorized credit or debit cards between the 1st and 5th days of the month.  Tuition is never prorated for missed lessons and is due in full at the first of the month. 

By agreeing to our policies, you hereby authorize The Music Studio at Vinings to initiate recurring (debit or credit) entries with the credit card on file, and agree you are responsible for these charges and any collection fees associated in recovering unpaid charges.  You are buying the time; you are not buying the lesson.  If you choose to not show up for a lesson – you are still required to pay for the teacher’s time.  


Scheduling Changing and Makeups

Any scheduling changes MUST go through the front desk, and NOT through your teacher.  On occasion, a qualified alternate teacher may be provided if your instructor is absent.  If an alternate teacher is not available, you will be credited for the missed lesson.  We may or may not be able to alert you to having a substitute before your lesson day/time.

For any lessons you may miss, we are happy to provide group makeup classes. These are engaging, one-hour group makeup classes with a rotating curriculum on the second and fourth Saturday & Sunday of each month, taught by our highly qualified teachers.  Any missed lesson, for any reason, qualifies you to receive a group makeup class.  To be emailed the Makeup Sign Up link, please reach out to the Front Desk anytime – we are happy to help you sign up for your instrument specific group makeup classes and remember – as long as you are a student, your group makeups never expire! 

Care of Students

While we encourage you, the parent, to be engaged with communication with your teacher, during the lesson, the student needs to form a relationship with the teacher and we've found this is hindered (or the child even acts up) when the parent is in the room during the lesson.   If you, as a parent, would like to sit in on the lesson that is certainly permissible, or you can also Zoom in the lesson anytime.

The Music Studio is not responsible for providing before or after care for students.  Parents with student children under the age of eight must remain in the Studio waiting area during classes.  Children that are not students may not be left in the Studio without supervision under any circumstances.  Students are not to be left at the Studio for extended time periods before or after their lessons.  By signing these policies, you are confirming that you have been advised and understand that The Music Studio is not a licensed day care facility.

Children must wait for their parents to pick them up inside the Studio after their lesson is completed.  Please do not ask them to meet you elsewhere. Children either waiting for or who have completed their lessons will be asked to sit in the family waiting area. While we look after everyone inside the Studio as best as we can, the Studio assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.

Covid Procedures

We have taken a pledge with the nationwide program that we are keeping our Studio as safe as we are able from the spread of the virus by following CDC procedures for cleaning, providing free masks for staff and students, social distancing anytime we are able, having students and staff wearing masks or face coverings, providing free sanitizer to staff and students, having sanitizer stations in each studio room to clean in between students.

By initially below, you acknowledge and understand that there is a risk that by engaging in music lessons upon the Studio premises, you or your child can contract COVID-19, and hold the Studio and their staff harmless from responsibility.


Discontinuing Lessons

To discontinue lessons and cease charges to your account, you must fill out a withdrawal form available at the Front Desk and submit to the Studio Office by the 15th day of your final month.

Neither verbal notification alone (to teacher or office staff) or unattended lessons constitute a withdrawal. We do not prorate tuition for the last month's lessons. Forms submitted after the deadline (15th of the month) will result in student/parent being responsible for the next months’ FULL tuition.

For example, if you plan to discontinue/suspend lessons on May 1st, then we will need to receive your written notice by the 15th of April. If notice is not given by the 15th of the month before lessons are being discontinued/suspended, the student/parent will be responsible for the next full month’s tuition whether or not lessons are attended.

We Follow City of Atlanta School Closings For Inclement Weather Closings 

If you miss a lesson due to inclement weather or you do not feel safe driving in for lessons due to weather, no worries, you are eligible for one of our fantastic group make up classes.  To be emailed the Makeup Sign Up link, please reach out to the Front Desk anytime – we are happy to help.

Emergency Release

Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on Studio property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the student or their siblings before, during or after lesson times, we do carry liability insurance.  The Music Studio at Vinings is not responsible for any damage done to vehicles or items stolen from vehicles.

Media Release:

We hereby authorize The Music Studio at Vinings to use/publish names, photos, videos of me or my student for Studio use, for promotional use on social media, in marketing materials, on our website, or in newsletters.

If you do not want you or your child to be included, please see the front desk.


The Music Studio at Vinings reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, overdue tuition payments and/or parental noncompliance with The Music Studio at Vinings policies.